Adobe Cloud – Good Buy?

So here’s why I did not hold out for the Adobe Cloud and purchased CS Web Premier 5.5. I thought the monthly fee would be too much at $600/year. It made more sense to me to buy CS 5.5 (later upgraded to CS6 for no extra cost) for about $879, because I knew I would use it for at least 2 or 3 years before I would really need to upgrade again. So if I upgrade in 2 years, that’s like spending $440/year for each year – less if I go 3 years = $293.

Now I see that the Adobe Cloud has an introductory offer of $30/month or $360/year for current CS3 and above users for the first year. See promotion here

So did I make the right decision? My gut says “yes” because I am saving money in the long run rather than pay $360 the first year then $600 the next which will come to $960 over 2 years and $1560 over 3!

What am I sacrificing? The latest and greatest when CS7 comes out. I can live with that.