Postie and Gmail/Google Apps

My Google Apps account was not working with the Postie plugin.

I got this error message:

Unable to connect. The server said – POP3 connect: Error
Try putting in your full email address as a userid and try again.

My settings were:

Mail Protocol: POP3
(The only other option IMAP/IMAP-SSL/POP3-SSL had a message saying it was not available.)

Port: 995

Postie Time Correction: –6 hours

Mail Server:

Mail Userid: <email address>

Mail password: <password>

I did a little Google digging and found the solution in a comment at the very bottom of this page at Economy Sized Geek.

All I had to do was add “ssl://” to the beginning of my mail server to become “ssl://”

After making the change, I was able to connect to the mail server. Thank you, lewen7er9.